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Mask won't turn onUpdated 2 years ago

Lets try these steps together.

1. Make sure your mask is charged. Your mask uses a USB Type C cord and can be used with any power charger. If the mask is still not charging, you will want to try another charger and outlet. Misplaced or damaged your USB cord? You can always order one on amazon 

Also make sure you do NOT use the mask or power on the mask while it's being charged.

2. Make sure the switch on the top of your mask is turned to on. This is required to power on the device.

3. Power on the device by tapping the middle of the forehead with your entire palm of your hand instead of only your fingers. This should power on the device and you should hear a sound.

If you're still not getting it to power on with the previous steps. Please take a short video of your device not powering on and then reach out to our customer service with your video. If the file is too large you can send with a free service like wetransfer and provide the link in the email.

This allows us to quickly get you taken care of because we are able to send the video to our QA department so that we can send you a new mask or get you refunded.

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