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Mask won't turn on

Lets try these steps together. 1. Make sure your mask is charged. Your mask uses a USB Type C cord and can be used with any power charger. If the mask is still not charging, you will want to try another charger and outlet. Misplaced or damaged your U

Mask is changing colors automatically

This is actually a built in setting. You have your 7 colors plus a setting that allows you to do all 7 colors in a cycle. To change from this setting you will simply need to tap the right side of the mask with your palm (if looking at it directly) an

How do I insert eye protection?

You'll want to take your eye guards and line them up appropriately with the mask as pictured. They can be taken out just as easy as well should you decide to use protection of your own.

Mask is making sounds

Your mask should be making sounds to indicate power on as well as the changing of settings in a do re mi fa so la ti do manner  (if you've ever taken choir you would know!). In addition to this you may notice there is a slight "whirrrring" noise that